Music For Average Photography

Music For Average Photography

by Mace Francis Orchestra


Synonyms: adjective. ordinary – medium – mediocre – indifferent – tolerable – pretty crap – a bit shit

This collection of compositions is a departure from the extended pieces I have written over the last ten years, since forming MFO. Each short ‘song’ has been composed to accompany a crappy photograph. Originally when thinking about this idea, I thought of collaborating with a professional photographer; to discuss the vision and style of photography, maybe even a narrative throughout… but then I remembered… I have a smart phone and an Instagram account! Why not, (like everyone else with a smart phone seems to think), be the professional photographer I have always wanted to become… how hard could it be? I obviously have an eye for photography, I have the equipment and I certainly have the time. I hope you enjoy Music for Average Photography.


released 08 December 2014

Composer/Conductor: Mace Francis
Saxophones: Ben Collins, Dan Hart, Brett Smith, Mark Sprogowski
Trumpets: Ricki Malet, Callum G’Froerer, Matthew McGlynn
Trombones: Blake Phillips, James Cross, Rob Coleman
Guitar: Harry Winton
Bass: Ashley de Neef
Drums: Greg Brenton

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